Feel Better With a Custom Oral Appliance

If your jaw is hurting, the expert team at Smith & Wetterhus Dentistry would like to help. If you’re experiencing nagging jaw pain and stiffness, and it hurts to open your jaw to talk and eat, you could have problems with your temporomandibular joints (TMJ). These complex joints sit on either side of your head, making it possible to open and close your mouth. However, if they become inflamed and irritated, the resulting pain can be intense.

That’s where we come in with a custom oral appliance made just for you:

  • It will sit comfortably in your mouth and exert gentle pressure on your lower jaw, pushing it slightly forward.
  • This movement will be enough to relieve the tension on your TMJ.
  • Your jaw will feel better and you’ll be able to relax.
  • Your new appliance will also help prevent you from grinding your teeth while you sleep. Bruxism, or teeth grinding, can cause tooth enamel damage that could require restorative dental work.
  • Since teeth grinding is a major cause of migraine and tension headaches, you may experience fewer and less intense headaches as well. If it seems like your headaches are medically related, we’ll refer you to a qualified physician for treatment.

Our custom mouthguards provide effective TMJ treatment in Puyallup. Call us today at 253-999-9419 to get yours! You can also schedule online.