Find the Dental Sedation Best Suited to Your Care

Dental sedation helps many of our patients relax during their visit. We understand that different patients have different needs, so we offer not just one, but two great sedation methods:

  • Inhaled Sedation – You’ll breathe in laughing gas through a mask and immediately will start to feel an all-over sense of relaxation. You may feel euphoric and slightly giddy with this form of sedation. The effects will wear off quickly, and you’ll be able to drive yourself home afterward.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation – We’ll prescribe an FDA-approved pill for you to take before your appointment. It will give you a complete feeling of relaxation and may make you feel a little groggy. You’ll need to have someone drive you home, as the pill’s effects will take a few hours to wear off.

Take Comfort in Our Special Touches

At Smith & Wetterhus Dentistry, we strive to deliver personalized care in a comfortable and friendly setting. We’ve invested in some of the best dental technology available to ensure that your care is always precise, efficient, and pleasant.

We understand that it’s often the small things that mean the most to our patients, especially those who are already apprehensive about getting dental work. That’s why we offer several thoughtful touches to make your visit as comfortable as possible:

  • Cozy blankets to take the chill off
  • Soft pillows to help you relax and feel at home
  • Warm colors to soothe your nerves
  • A water feature that creates a tranquil environment

Turn to our skilled team for help relieving dental anxiety in Puyallup. Call us today at 253-999-9419 to schedule an appointment for gentle dental care. You can also make an appointment online.