Count on Our Team for Gentle Care

At Smith & Wetterhus Dentistry, we will always try to save a tooth if possible. We can place a new CEREC crown (made right in our office) on a damaged tooth or repair a diseased tooth using a root canal procedure. However, if tooth removal is necessary to protect your oral health, we can perform most extractions right here – both for regular teeth and for wisdom teeth, or “third molars.”

We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your procedure. You’ll have your choice of sedation options to help you relax. We offer inhaled sedation using laughing gas and oral conscious sedation with a prescribed pill you’ll take ahead of your procedure. Both sedation methods are great at relieving dental anxiety and helping calm your nerves.

We also offer several comforting amenities that will help you feel right at home. Feel free to ask for a soft pillow or warm blanket to help you relax. Your comfort is our top priority at Smith & Wetterhus Dentistry.

Complete Your Smile With Tooth Replacement Options

After your tooth is extracted, it is best to replace it to keep your remaining teeth from shifting. Below are a few replacement options:

  • Implant Crown – We can place an implant where your tooth was, then attach a new CEREC crown on top.
  • Fixed Bridge – This type of bridge will replace one or more missing teeth, anchoring on either end to your natural teeth.
  • Implant Bridge – Using two or more implants, we can replace several teeth in a row.

If you need Puyallup tooth removal, you’re in the right place. Call us today at 253-999-9419 to schedule your appointment. You can also make an appointment online.