If you’ve lost teeth, you may be interested in dental implants. While there are other options, implants have become the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. They offer benefits you can’t get from other teeth replacements. For example, they stop bone loss in your jaw that occurs when you don’t have teeth. You may wonder which implants are right for you. Our experienced implant dentists can help you decide.

Call 253-999-9419 today for an implant consultation. We will evaluate you using leading-edge technology like 3-D imaging. It helps us determine which kinds of dental implants will best suit your smile. 

Among the factors we will consider:

  • Number of Teeth Missing – One of the most critical considerations is the number of teeth you need to replace. For a single tooth, your dentists will use one implant topped with a dental crown. Without an implant, you’d need to have a bridge placed on your nearby healthy teeth. To replace several teeth, we can attach a bridge to implants. This avoids the need to drill into other teeth. If you’ve lost most or all of your teeth, you can get fixed arches of teeth. If necessary, we can extract remaining teeth to make room for your new teeth. 
  • Jaw Strength – You need adequate bone density to support implants. If you’ve been without teeth for a while, you may need a procedure like a bone graft or sinus lift to increase bone mass and prepare your jaw for implants. Other possible options include mini dental implants or a full arch replacement done with relatively few implants (typically four or six). Your dentist can advise you on what will work best.
  • Your Schedule – Some implants require a longer healing period than others before replacement teeth can be attached to them. Again, your dentist can explain all the options to you. 
  • Your Lifestyle – The great thing about implants is how little your life will need to change. Especially in the case of full-mouth teeth replacement, implants give you new teeth that perform almost like your old ones.
  • Your Budget – The cost of implants varies quite a bit, largely based on how many are used for your implant treatment. There is also an added cost for any tooth removals and for procedures such as bone grafts. In some cases, mini implants may be a less costly option. But they aren’t right for everyone. Your dentist can determine if you are a good candidate. 

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