There’s something wrong with your smile. It’s affecting your self-confidence. It might be affecting what you can eat, and in some cases, it may be painful.

Broken teeth, decayed teeth, and cracked teeth are all reasons you should schedule a visit to Smith & Wetterhus Dentistry in Puyallup, WA. You can get a same-day dental crown at our office. In a matter of hours, you could be smiling and dining as well as you ever have.

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Don’t Waste Time, Save Your Tooth

Dental crowns are one of our most common restorative services. They can fix the problems we mentioned above, and they can be used to fix a number of other issues as well.

Modern crowns are made with durable ceramic materials. This makes them able to last for decades without replacements. They restore the full function of your healthy tooth, and they look natural, too.

By getting one of our crowns, you can save time while saving your smile. The old process for getting dental crowns was somewhat complicated. First, you would have an impression made by biting down on a goo-filled tray. That impression would be sent to a dental lab so your crown could be made to the appropriate size and shape for your mouth.

In the meantime, your tooth would be reshaped to form an abutment. When your crown is ready, which could be weeks later, that abutment would support your crown. In the meantime, you would need to wear a temporary crown. And you’ll want to be careful with the temporary. If it comes off or breaks, that could affect how your permanent crown fits when it does arrive.

By getting one of our crowns, you can get your permanent crown on the same visit that your tooth is fixed.

See What’s Possible With CEREC

By investing in CEREC technology, we are able to give our patients the benefits of a permanent crown without requiring multiple trips to our office. As much as we enjoy seeing you, we suspect you would prefer to make fewer dental visits when possible.

With CEREC, we can take a digital scan of your mouth (instead of having you bite down on an impression tray). The digital imaging is used to design your crown. With the help of computer-aided design, your crown is created from a ceramic cube with our in-house milling machine.

While the machine is doing its thing, we’ll be preparing your tooth to support your crown. When it’s ready, your crown will be shaded and shaped so it looks like one of your natural teeth. You might be surprised by how lifelike it looks and feels. Most people won’t know it’s a dental crown until you tell them.

Talk To Us About Your Tooth

If you are ready to restore your tooth, then you are ready to visit Smith & Wetterhus Dentistry. Our CEREC same-day dental crowns have done wonderful things for many people in and around Puyallup, WA. We are confident they could help you, too.

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