Maintaining a healthy smile means doing your part to protect your teeth and gums from damage or disease. However, there are some bad habits that harm your teeth and put your smile at risk. We’re sharing a few of those you should avoid for good oral health:

  • Smoking

Not only is smoking bad for your teeth, but it’s also bad for your whole body. Smoking increases your risk for gum disease, oral cancer, and other diseases. If you are having trouble quitting, be sure to talk to your primary care physician. They can provide resources to help.

  • Using your teeth as tools.

Using your teeth to tear open a package or open a box can lead to a dental emergency. It can crack, chip, or dislodge a tooth or cut into your gums. Go the extra mile and grab a pair of scissors the next time you are tempted.

  • Skipping your oral care routine.

Keeping up with your oral care routine is essential to good oral health. Even if you are tired or busy, make room for brushing and flossing during your day. Neglecting these habits can lead to oral health issues that cost more than a few minutes of brushing and flossing twice a day.

  • Enjoying too much sugar.

What makes sugar so bad for your teeth is that it blends in with the bacteria in your mouth. This can lead to cavities and other oral health problems later down the road. Cut down on how many sugary treats or beverages you have during the day. Swap those items for sips of water or chewing sugar-free gum to cut down on cravings.

  • Chewing ice or other non-food items.

If you chew ice, pen caps, or your nails, you could be risking dental damage. Not only can you crack or chip a tooth, but you can also shift your teeth out of alignment. If you like the crunch of ice, consider opting for crunchy vegetables or chewing gum. If chewing your nails or pen caps relieves anxiety, add other stress-relieving activities to your day.

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