Your teeth have done much for you over the years. That wear and tear can lead to a number of problems. Fortunately, you can fix your smile with restorative dentistry in Puyallup, WA.

Depending on your needs, you could benefit from any of these services:


A vast majority of us develop cavities at one time or another. Modern composite fillings protect against further decay and blend in naturally with the rest of your smile.


Your broken tooth doesn’t have to stay that way. By coming to our practice, you can receive a CEREC crown in a single appointment, and your tooth can be as good as new.

Root Canals

If a tooth becomes infected, you are likely to have a toothache. Whether it is persistent or pulsing, a root canal is the best way to alleviate your pain by removing the infected tissue. Your tooth can then be filled and capped.


Whether you are missing a single tooth or need to replace all your teeth, implants can make your smile look complete again. Implants act as replacement roots for your new teeth.

Get your oral health back on track with restorative dentistry. Call 253-999-9419 or schedule online to visit Smith & Wetterhus Dentistry in Puyallup, WA.