It’s time.

You have made your decision. You are going to do what’s needed to have the straight teeth you have wanted since you were a teenager.

To achieve your goal, you should talk to one of our doctors about using Invisalign for your orthodontic care. Here’s why.

1. It Works

Let’s start with the most important thing. Invisalign has been around for decades. It is a proven orthodontic treatment. It can correct crooked smiles, close gaps between teeth, and fix overbites and underbites.

2. It is Discreet

More adults are getting orthodontic care than ever, in part because of clear aligners. With Invisalign, you receive a set of aligners that are custom-made to fit your teeth. When they are worn, they are barely noticeable, unlike braces.

3. It is Convenient

Aligners need to be worn about 22 hours per day. That means you can remove them to eat what you want. You can remove them to brush and floss your teeth. You also don’t have any brackets or wire to irritate the soft tissues of your mouth.

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